Frequently Asked Questions

Please also refer to the Shop Policies page for full ordering/shipping information and processing times.


A Limited Edition product I was interested in is no longer available. Will you restock it in the future?

Some Limited Edition products are available seasonally while others are one-offs and won't be restocked. Make sure you join our Mailing List to be notified if/when Limited Editions are released so you don't miss out again.

How does Pre-Order work?

Pre-Order items are ready after a certain "Ships From" date but you can purchase them in advance. Note that your entire order will only be shipped after the last Pre-Order item included in your order is ready. Some products are specifically made-to-order and will also have a Pre-Order Deadline as well as a "Ships From" date.

Do you have a physical store I can shop at?

No, all our products are made and shipped straight out of our kitchen when you order online. If we are scheduled to appear at any markets/events, we will make an announcement to Mailing List subscribers ahead of time.

Can I pick-up my order in person?

No, we don't do pick-ups for privacy/security reasons as V&V is a home-based business.

How do I order custom stamped soaps for my wedding?

Send us an email with the quantity, shipping location and date required and we can get the conversation going.

Are your soaps suitable for the face?

Our soaps are formulated for the body, however, many of our customers do use them as facial bars. It is up to you to decide if you would like to test them on your face, keeping in mind that every person's skin is different and what works for others may not necessarily work for you.

How can I be more savvy with shipping?

Try to keep your order within a standard weight bracket (500g, 1kg, etc). For example, it costs the same to ship 1 bar of soap as 3 bars, as this is within the lowest 500g bracket. 4 bars puts your order in the next bracket (1kg) so the shipping cost will increase (in this case, remember that it usually costs the same to ship 6 bars as 4 bars).

Why should I monitor the tracking of my order?

It's the buyer's responsibility to monitor the tracking of their order so that they can estimate when it will be delivered and most importantly, so that they will be aware of any missed delivery attempts, delays or other delivery complications that may require further action. The tracking number will be sent in a shipping notification email once your order has been dispatched. If you fail to collect or arrange redelivery of the parcel resulting in it being “returned to sender”, you will be responsible for any subsequent redelivery charges incurred.

Why am I seeing "malted milk" and "honey" in your scent descriptions if your products are vegan-friendly?

These are just scent notes from the fragrances used. Rest assured that V&V products don't contain any actual non-vegan ingredients like milk or honey.