Quiet Time Bath Bomb Duo (Limited Edition) - Ships from 5/5/17 PRE-ORDER

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bomb quiet 4.png

Quiet Time Bath Bomb Duo (Limited Edition) - Ships from 5/5/17 PRE-ORDER


Scent: Lightly toasted vanilla marshmallows, a steaming rose petal bath and the hypnotic flicker of a sandalwood candle. Now that's what we call a perfectly sweet girls-night-in.

Pre-Order Deadline: 28th April 2017 (this item will not be available to order after this date)

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**PRE-ORDER – Ready after 5th May 2017. Please note that your entire order will only be shipped from this date if it includes this item. Delivery before Mothers Day (14th May) not guaranteed unless Express shipping is selected.**

Each pack contains TWO Jewel Bath Bombs.

Directions: Drop one or two bath bombs into warm bath water and allow to dissolve. Agitate the water further for bubbles.

IMPORTANT: This is a moisture-sensitive product. We ship our Jewel Bath Bombs in zip-lock bags to protect them from humidity and moisture in transit. If you are not using them straight away, we recommend that you continue to store them in zip-lock bags, clingfilm or any dry, air-tight vessel until it is time to use them. This will help to prevent the bath bombs from fizzing prematurely, expanding or becoming crumbly.

Jewel Bath Bombs are fragile and it is possible that they may arrive a little battered from their journey or as we call it, “rough around the edges” (in fact, the straight edges and corners are the most fragile parts). Even though they may not look as perfect as in the image, they will still do the job of softening, scenting and transforming your bath water with a lovely tint. Just don't forget to toss in every last crumb!

Ingredients include sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cream of tartar, sodium lauryl sulphoacetate, organic jojoba oil, fragrance oils, rose geranium essential oil, dried rose buds, colours.

Net weight approx. 140-150g in total (2 x Bath Bombs)